Best Practices

The Exhibit Industry Council (EIC), comprised of five major trade show industry associations, was formed to define and advocate for exhibitor‐focused Best Practices for trade shows, conventions, congresses, and private events. The goal is to unite all industry stakeholders to support reputable, consistent standards.

Full Disclosure and Control of Exhibitor Costs:

Exhibiting companies need to understand the total cost of event participation to make decisions about which events will provide a sufficient ROI to their marketing plan. In order to understand and control costs, exhibitors need full disclosure of pricing by the organizers as well as general service contractors (GSCs) before exhibit space contracts are signed. This helps exhibitors make informed financial decisions before the event and also eliminates surprises down the road.

Validated and Meaningful Event Metrics:

In order to select appropriate events which support needed marketing outcomes, and to determine the appropriate investment level for those events that are selected, exhibitors need objective marketing data that is comparable, within industry segments, from one event to another. This data helps exhibitors make informed marketing decisions while selecting the event and also informs them of anticipated outcomes based upon investment levels.


How to talk to show Associations

Are you currently exhibiting at an event and struggling with the rising costs of drayage, electrical, etc. You may be able to help your show association to understand your frustrations and ways to help improve the longevity of the event. To learn more email us at and we will help you through the process.


Scheduling an event in a city you've never been to and worried about how to budget? We have complied a list of show kits from cities around the country to help make a more accurate budget.