Helping All Exhibitors Thrive

Providing expert advice, research, and tools to act on behalf of all exhibitor types. We can help you address challenges and prominent pain points to ensure that exhibitions and events remain a valuable and irreplaceable marketing channel.


The Exhibitor Advocate amplifies the voice of exhibitors to ensure the enduring success of exhibitions and events by collaborating with all stakeholders to promote and cultivate open communication, consistent standards, and industry best practices.


The Exhibitor Advocate promotes consistency, accountability and predictability in all event industry engagement opportunities. We advocate for:

  • Open, transparent communication and reporting
  • Involved, purposeful exhibitor advisory committees
  • High-quality, specific buyer data, metrics and leads
  • Economical, more predictable exhibiting costs
  • Improved audience engagement and increased ROI through multiple channels
  • Simpler rules and pricing models with less restrictions
  • Being considered valuable members of the exhibitions and events community — experts, thought leaders, and peers



The Exhibitor Advocate helps exhibitors bring issues and concerns to the right party in the right way with expert advice, resources, and tools.


We rely on the generous support of private donors like you to fulfill our mission.


Join The Exhibitor Advocate to stay informed on the most pressing issues in our industry, spread the word with your network, and/or volunteer your skills and resources.

Thank You To Our Partners

We’re grateful to our partners who ensure we can provide critical support
to the exhibiting community and sustain the exhibitions and events industry for the future

Thank You To Our Founding Sponsors

Thank you to our Founding Sponsors. The support we received from these companies made it possible for The Exhibitor Advocate to launch our association. We’re grateful to all of our Founding Sponsors that supported us from the very beginning.