Q Why should you care?

A – For Exhibit Managers:

  • The Exhibitor Advocate provides you with resources and tools, like our Labor Rate Survey, and the Maxbi, ROI, calculator, that help you succeed in this industry, and internally in your organization.
  • We provide expert advice from seasoned marketers that can help you address pain points, as well as providing a network of professionals to use as a sounding board.
  • We educate the industry on the needs of the Exhibitor. If you ever wanted to express something, but felt that you couldn’t or didn’t have the time, The Exhibitor Advocate can speak on your behalf.

A – For Marketing/Sales Leaders:

  • We provide support in the form of resources, tools, and expert advice, that support your exhibit marketers in the absence of those resources internally.
  • We advocate for the exhibitions and events industry as a strategic marketing/sales channel to complement and bolster your internal omni-channel marketing strategy.

A – For Industry Suppliers:

  • The Exhibitor Advocate provides insight, data and expertise to support your exhibit marketer clients, and positions you as an expert and valued partner.
  • We are advocating for the exhibitions and events industry in a way that will support the supplier community as an important stakeholder in the ecosystem that will continue to thrive.
  • The Exhibitor Advocate offers you an opportunity to showcase your support for Exhibitors as an important and critical stakeholder in this industry.

A – For Show Management:

  • The Exhibitor Advocate is your partner in finding and implementing solutions that create success for your Exhibitors and create value for your event.
  • We are a resource to you, providing insights, data, and solutions that will help you address pain points for your exhibitors, create new revenue streams, and find innovative ways to ensure your events are sustainable for the future.


Q – What does The Exhibitor Advocate do?

  • A – We create resources, such as “how-to” guides, white papers, and case studies, that tell the exhibitors’ story and support stakeholders in creating an exhibitions and events ecosystem that is sustainable for the future.
  • We speak at conferences and events about exhibitors’ pain points, and proposed solutions and best practices for ensuring exhibitor success, and the success of all stakeholders in the industry.
  • We provide a platform for Exhibitor’s to network with each other, share their concerns, and support each other in ensuring that this channel remains valuable and irreplaceable.

Q – Where do I go for help?

  • A – Visit ExhibitorAdvocacy.com to download all of our resources Including, “how-to” guides, white papers, case studies, and more!
  • Join our LinkedIn community to network with the industry, share your successes and challenges, and stay informed of the latest research, trends, and issues that The Exhibitor Advocate is working on.
  • If you have a challenge that you need help addressing, you can request assistance from The Exhibitor Advocate. Simply click here to apply for assistance.

Q – How can I get more involved?

  • A – Start by becoming a member. Click here to sign-up!
  • Let us know if you want to support the organization through sponsorship, speaking at events, or sharing resources and data that might help further our cause.

Q – Where do I find more info?

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