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Have you ever had a challenge exhibiting and didn’t know where to turn? 

Now you have The Exhibitor Advocate.  

Armed with data and expertise, The Exhibitor Advocate will act on your behalf to promote conversations with Show Organizers, Official Contractors, Facilities, Exhibitor Appointed Contractors, and any other event industry stakeholders to address exhibitor challenges and prominent pain points to ensure the enduring success of exhibitions.

The Exhibitor Advocate helps exhibitors bring issues and concerns to the right party in the right way with expert advice, resources, and tools.


  • Surprised by the cost of your show services?
  • Expenses greater than the sales you generate at the event?
  • Need help estimating material handling/drayage costs for a show?
  • Need help understanding your invoices and determining if the charges are justified?
  • Are the rules, regulations or hard costs preventing you from executing your most appealing and effective customer experience?



  • Want to approach show management with a pressing issue but don’t know how – or who can help you?
  • Need help communicating the value of exhibiting to key leaders in your organization?
  • Wish that show management understood your marketing objectives?
  • Want to know how to work through the show Exhibitor Advisory Committee to get results?
  • Do you have ideas about how you could achieve greater ROI from exhibiting, but you don’t know how/where to share your suggestions?

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