The 2023 Annual Survey of Exhibition Rates:

Navigating the New Normal in Exhibition Costs

By Susanne Skinner and Victor Torregroza

 In an era where the sustainable growth and success of the exhibition industry critically depend on enhancing value for sponsors and exhibitors while simultaneously managing and reducing costs, the release of the 2023 Annual Survey of Exhibition Rates marks a pivotal moment. This exclusive report, crafted by The Exhibitor Advocate in collaboration with Tradeshow Logic, supported by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, and independently verified by Evolio, delivers an unparalleled depth of analysis on labor and equipment costs across 24 major U.S. cities. This year, the survey’s scope has notably expanded to include essential categories like forklift and hanging sign rates, thus providing stakeholders with a comprehensive view of the costs associated with exhibiting. Amid economic fluctuations and evolving exhibitor needs, the survey emerges as a crucial tool for strategic planning and cost management, offering insights not available from any other source.

Why This Analysis is Indispensible

  • For Exhibitors: This survey is an unmatched resource for budgeting and strategic planning, enabling smarter allocation of resources across the entire event experience. It equips exhibitors with the knowledge to navigate cost pressures and optimize their investment, ensuring a more substantial impact at every show.
  • For Show Organizers: Utilizing this in-depth analysis aids in reducing exhibitor costs, directly enhancing the exhibitor experience and, by extension, the overall value of events. It empowers organizers to make data-driven decisions that cater to the needs of their exhibitors, fostering an environment where both exhibitors and attendees can thrive.
  • For Industry Suppliers: The detailed insights into equipment and labor costs across different cities enable suppliers to tailor their offerings more closely to market demands, ensuring competitive pricing and improved service delivery.

This year’s findings underscore a significant insight: while exhibition rates are broadly aligning with inflation, specific areas, notably material handling rates, continue to significantly outpace inflation. This unique dataset not only aids in navigating these challenges but also underscores the industry’s need for a strategic approach to budgeting and advocacy for fair pricing.

“The industry’s sustained growth and success hinge on enhancing value for sponsors and exhibitors while also proactively reducing costs. Access to this unique data analysis is pivotal for all stakeholders in the exhibition ecosystem,” stated Jessica Sibila, Executive Director of The Exhibitor Advocate, emphasizing the importance of the survey as a strategic asset for the industry.

By embracing the insights offered by the 2023 Annual Survey of Exhibition Rates, industry stakeholders can step into a new era of exhibition planning and execution, one characterized by informed decision-making and strategic investments. This survey doesn’t just present costs; it serves as a roadmap for enhancing industry standards, advocating for a balance between cost-efficiency and the creation of unparalleled value.

Expanded for Success: This year’s report now includes “Expanded Scope of Services” such as forklift and hanging sign analysis, providing a richer, more detailed understanding of the exhibition landscape.

We invite exhibitors, show organizers, and industry suppliers to discover the full potential of this exclusive industry analysis. Leverage the strategic insights to not just compete but excel in the evolving exhibition industry landscape. Access the survey and unlock the insights necessary for fostering a competitive, fair, and thriving exhibition industry.

Download here.